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Note biografiche di Capitani di Guerra e di Condottieri di ventura operanti in Italia tra il 1330 e il 1550.

Consulta l’Indice anagrafico dei condottieri di ventura

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Introduction to Condottieri di Ventura

The Fatal Toll of War: A Comprehensive Table of Condottieri Deaths and Their Causes (1299-1539)

The Fate of Captains and Condottieri. 1299-1539. Deaths in combat and due to illnesses during a conflict. Captains executed or killed in prison. ITALIAN: Morti in...

The Condottieri System: The Role of Geography and Social Class in the Lives of Italian Condottieri

The Social Status and Origins of Italian Condottieri and Captains. Explore the intriguing world of Italian condottieri and captains from 1300 to 1550, as we...

The Opinion of the Humanists

The Duality of the Condottieri: Warriors and Patrons. Anna Maria Covini writes, "For humanists, the military commander was an ideal subject to repeat genres and...

A State of Permanent Conflict

Guelphs and Ghibellines: Faction Rivalries in Medieval Italy ITALIAN: Uno Stato di Conflittualità Permanente Burckhardt writes in The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy: "During the Middle...
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